2009 New Nissan XTrail

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2009 New Nissan XTrail pictures

New Nissan XTrail. The Latest Nissan XTrail is introduced with the present choice of two engines and two transmissions, the X Trail save revolutionary changes behind the exterior style does not change much. Subject to this exterior style, Chiaki Sumi, chief product specialist from Nissan Motor Co.., The person most responsible in planning the New Nissan XTrail explains that Nissan want to maintain Nissan XTrail in a SUV position. While the crossover segment has been replaced by Nissan Qashqai, designed more trendy. Note Nissan, style exterior of the older Nissan XTrail decoy 800 thousand owners worldwide.

There are three variants of New Nissan XTrail, starting with MT (2.0 liter, 6-peed M/T), SC and XT (2.5 liter CVT XTronic). That really is a new 2.0 liter MR20DE engine, while the engine is the improvement of the other older machines. Hirokuni Yano, Nissan PV Product Development Division Nissan Motor Co., Ensure that Nissan Motor has done significant changes to the engine, particularly the production of Torque.

2009 New Nissan XTrail pictures

The most interesting feature of New Nissan XTrail is the applying of the new CVT XTronic that can learn to understand the character of drivers. Either they are soft drivers or sporty. The term ‘learn’ language is more like marketing. Actually not ‘learn’ but this car has a number of sensors that receive data from the characters of driver when the driver begin to drive the car. In the minutes even seconds, the ECU and then select ‘patern’ or patterns of driving that have been programmed first. When the ECU get ‘patern’ a fit, it is run. ECU based on the consideration of options to provide more powerful acceleration and natural conditions suitable roads that time, and set the pattern of gearshift  according helmsman desire. Xtronic has more than 1000 patern than the old CVT only 14 to 16 patern. Replace the driver, change the style of driving, change the patern it.

2009 New Nissan XTrail pictures

Other advantage of this new technology, “CVT work more in the area round the engine with fuel efficiency better than the automatic transmission,” said Hirokuni Yano. And as the CVT, the gearshift is smooth, without jerk. Other highlight, gearshift can be set manually such as transmission.

But the most conspicuous by Nissan Motor on New Nissan XTrail is the applying of a suspension system that uses rear multi-link suspension, which share the burden to the average of each wheel into the appropriate field. Chiaki Sumi said, this suspension gives control in luxury cars such as roads dry and SUVs in the true off-road terrain. Nippy in the city, such as compact cars, and as comfortable sedan.

View the 2009 Nissan XTrail pictures

2009 New Nissan XTrail pictures

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