2010 Toyota RAV 4 Cars

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2010 Toyota RAV 4 Cars pictures

Toyota RAV 4 Cars. Toyota is called one of the most famous automotive manufacturers in the world. Each year there are plenty of models, types and new series of car products introduced in the global market and most of them are sold out. This is all as a result of reasons that Toyota with all years of experiences and highly skillful experts always been capable of producing the vehicles that match the public needs. A brand new car product have ever been made in this year is the new 2010 Toyota RAV 4. For the car seeker who wants to purchase the new car perhaps this new RAV 4 is worth to purchase.

2010 Toyota RAV4 comes with the combination of both elegant and toughness as well as power. Unlike the prior series that looks a little cuter the Toyota RAV4 exterior looks tougher with much less cladding and curves, with tail lamps that wrapped vertically. Contrary to the exterior side the Toyota RAV4 interior however has more comfortable with metallic look steering wheel, door trim and center cluster too. it may simply mention that the Toyota RAV4 interior is more simple but sophisticated.

2010 Toyota RAV 4 Cars pictures

A number of Toyota RAV4 reviews have stated that the interior cabin is quite large so everyone is able to enjoy a long-distance ride vehicle since it has more space to relax their heads, shoulders and also legs. The seat looks that they produce high quality fabric that has high durability. This car also has large cargo space and this is perfect for a family who love to take a trip by car. This type of car is ideal for all kinds of road surfaces since it has excellent suspension systems to absorb bumps.

The Toyota RAV4 cars review additionally suggest this car as the tough car with more power. With 3.5 liters V6 that produces 269 horsepower and 246 pound feet of torque the Toyota RAV4 engine is the the strongest one in its class. This car is also more economic than some other rivals. Although you drive with V6 you could safe as much fuel as using the four cylinder one.

2010 Toyota RAV 4 Cars pictures

The safety offers total protections for all occupants from any possible car crash impacts. Actually it could be mentioned it gives the best protection in its class. Airbags can be found on the first and 2nd seat rows as well at all sides of the cabin. With all such powerful of engine, toughness and protections it makes sense that 2010 Toyota RAV4 price costs $27.985.

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View the 2010 Toyota RAV4 pictures and wallpaper

2010 Toyota RAV 4 Cars pictures

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