2010 VW Golf VI Review – The Best Selling Car in Europe

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2010 VW Golf VI Review   The Best Selling Car in Europe pictures

2010 VW Golf VI review. Over the past 30 years, the Volkswagen Golf has been the success of cars in Europe. Now there’s a new VW Golf VI in Europe since the original took place of the venerable VW Beetle as the primary model in 1974. The VW Golf 2010 is a phenomenon, regardless of their generation in particular. Located in the compact class, this style icon defies all automotive and social class distinctions. No other car in this price segment has even come close to achieving the greatest cross section of people. The Volkswagen Golf is the only one that always fits right, and the new assembly is even better.

The exceptionally high value of the 2010 VW Golf VI is reflected par excellence in its stylish design, and all key redesigned body. Especially in a direct comparison of generations V and VI VW Golf, it becomes evident how much the new Golf has changed. All body surfaces are more relaxed, more athletic. In front the new car adopts the radiator grille of the first generation of Volkswagen Golf which is horizontally aligned between the headlights, the grille itself is high-gloss black. The lines of the bumper match those of the grille. Below this is a section with another air scoop. Also presented in a black background are the chrome light boxes dynamically style headlamps.

The rear is also characterized by a predominance of horizontal lines. The taillights – very wide now – are characterized, among other things, an unmistakably unique night design. Stylistically, the crystal-clear turn signal and backup lamps have a resemblance to the taillights of the Touareg. In general, the new VW Golf VI – in the interplay of all design characteristics – gives the appearance of a significantly wider, flatter and higher end cars.

2010 VW Golf VI Review   The Best Selling Car in Europe pictures

The 2010 VW Golf VI interior welcomes new trip computer, instrumental group, multifunction steering wheel, entertainment and improved sound insulation materials for a quieter trip. Also full of safety equipment including ESP, ABS and airbags 7, awarded a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. New technology such as Parallel Park Assist system with front and rear parking assist camera firmly tighten parking.

The new VW Golf VI drivers just would get tired during long trips thanks to the excellent design and high quality material of the seats. Front seats provide adequate support, even that is at high speed cornering. Seating WOKS system reduces neck injuries in an accident.  uttons on the dashboard are easy to reach. The pedals do not cause cramping in the feet after a while. They are mild and respond well to the reactions of the driver. Manual transmission changes with ease. If you decide to buy a Volkswagen car equipped with an automatic transmission DSG (dual clutch system) shifts gears in 0.3 seconds.

2010 VW Golf VI Review   The Best Selling Car in Europe pictures

The 2010 VW Golf VI offers a wide range of engines, petrol and diesel. The interesting thing is the most powerful gas engine, 1.4 liters IST, which makes 158 horsepower, especially because it has a direct injection engine with a turbocharger and a mechanical compressor. In this case, the reduction has no problem: The car is Lexus-quiet at idle, and their progressive power delivery gives no clue when switching from one compressor to another. Truly has the power to one of two liters, but with fuel-saving potential of close to a naturally aspirated 1.4-liter.

The 1.4 TSI can be specified with VW’s new seven-speed dry clutch DSG plates. Like the six-speed wet-clutch system used in high-torque motors, which works perfectly, both as a manual and an automatic. The new VW Golf VI is no longer offered with a conventional torque converter automatic.

Some may not like the smooth, soft style of the latter, better golf. The new VW management said that was intentional, it is a Golf returning to its roots, best illustrated by VW Golf I and IV. Therefore, there is nothing radical, but at least it is not confused with anything else.

View the 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI GTD pictures

2010 VW Golf VI Review   The Best Selling Car in Europe pictures

View the 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI GTI pictures

2010 VW Golf VI Review   The Best Selling Car in Europe pictures

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