Honda Jazz VS Toyota Yaris

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Honda Jazz  VS Toyota Yaris pictures

2009 Honda Jazz. Honda Jazz / Honda Fit get praise from Consumer Reports at the higher compared with the subcompact and other small city car. Interior is roomy get more value from the consumer magazine that examiner. Honda Fit is still the best subcompact car according to their version.

“2009 Honda Jazz / Fit looks more spacious than the estimated, versatile and flexible. Cargo capacity could rival a small SUV, “said David Champion, senior director of the Auto Test Center owned by Consumer Reports in East Haddam, Connecticut. According to him, the Honda Fit has other advantages such as light-footed, be steered comfortable, smooth and economical engines.

Consumer Reports tested two variants namely 2009 Honda Jazz / Fit base model ($ 16,020) with automatic transmission and the Sport model ($ 16,730) with manual transmission. They both get the value of “Very Good” for the road test. Meanwhile, two other subcompact in the test is the Toyota Yaris and Chevrolet Aveo5, both get the value “Good”. Two small sedan, Suzuki SX4 and Nissan Versa, both get the value of “Very Good”. Complete test results are presented in the March edition of the magazine.

Consumer Reports rates 2009 Honda Jazz / Fit most practical and comfortable in the test group. Roomy Cabin area and out wide perspective. Features full and comfortable Seating. 1.5 liter engine has a strong acceleration, but power is not excessive. Base model with automatic transmission makes the driver more relax, with a round engine at the lower at the toll road. Honda Fit Sport feels more sporty with the manual transmission 5-speed. Fuel efficiency is very impressive, 33mpg for Sporty Fit with manual transmission, and 30mpg for Fit with automatic transmission.

Honda Jazz  VS Toyota Yaris pictures

Suzuki SX4 ($ 17,378) is also considered as a subcompact, although price and fuel efficiency, better suited to compete in a higher segment. According to Consumer Reports driving the SX4 feels less comfortable in both the smooth road and bad Roads. The steer is not fast. SX4 is tested by Consumer Reports use four-cylinder 2.0 liter 143 hp engine paired with the automatic transmission. The breaking system is good enough.

Honda Jazz  VS Toyota Yaris pictures

Consumer Reports praised Nissan Versa interior ($ 16,130) that made a smooth and very good. The driving is quiet and comfortable. The engine is also smoother. Seat looks big for the size of subcompact cars. The steering is good but not too nippy. Efficiency 27 mpg, not too impressive for Consumer Reports. 1.8 liter engine producing 122 hp with enough acceleration capability. Automatic transmission is smooth and responsive. The breaking system is very good.

Honda Jazz  VS Toyota Yaris pictures

Toyota Yaris ($ 16,095) has a Capsule size, is ideal for city car. The efficiency is impressive 30mpg, and touch on the interior is quite subtle, such as the rear seats can be moved back ahead, and there are three storage boxes. Acceleration is responsive. Base models use a 1.5 liter engine 106 hp, which is powerful in the city but feels loss of energy reserves in the toll road. Gearbox 4-speed automatic is smooth and the breaking system is perfect.

Honda Jazz  VS Toyota Yaris pictures

Consumer Reports gives criticism on the Chevrolet Aveo ($ 16,470), which called not comfortable, outdated, and too expensive for what consumers can get. Acceleration is slow, rough and noisy engines. Machine Aveo 1.6 liter, 106 hp four-cylinder automatic gearbox with 4-speed that is considered not too responsive. The breaking system is good enough.

Information provided Consumer Reports can be used as consideration. But the situation in some countries is not exactly the same as the USA. Concerning the price, for example, Chevrolet bid to give more interesting than the Honda. Suzuki SX4 in India using the 1.6 liter engine that has a value of plus and minus from that in the USA.

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