2011 Fiat Uno

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2011 Fiat Uno pictures

The 2011 Fiat Uno name must originated in Italian terms ‘UNO’. It indicates number 1. This probably had become the ideal of Fiat to get to meet owners’ expectation. It gives simply unique to determine a compact car. The brand new concept will be able to brings new success story from Brazilian marketplace for it and grew to become the brand new icon of its class. The Fiat Style Center in Italy and Latin America attempted to go over buyers expectancy. As opposed to creating new concept, they discuss exactly what the owners might feel to possess for their car then they build as new Fiat Uno.

The brand new 2011 Fiat Uno has 4 versions, either using 1.0 or 1.4 powerplant. Both engines are compatibly run with 5-speed gearbox, manually. Since various models are available, the owners can pick out Uno Vivace 1.0 Flex or Uno Way 1.0 Flex. Both the other choices is going to be Uno Attractive 1.4 Flex and lastly Uno Way 1.4 Flex. Those flex-fuels of 1.0 engine generate 73 hp as output in using alcohol and 75 as running on petrol while of 1.4 engine creates 88 hp using alcohol and 85 using gasoline. All have 4 doors. Fiat Uno provides great machine using both of these new engines to guarantee the saving up-fuel and controlling emissions to stop any extent of air and noise pollution. It started to be the first of Fire Evo family that does give attention to fuel usage reduction reducing emissions.

2011 Fiat Uno pictures

Fiat Uno still continues its consistency of the cabin. It’s well-lit also it still gives you comfort to its steering and several amenities in MP3 player with Bluetooth and USB connection. The safety package is airbags and ABS brake. A number of new innovations are outfitted in new Fiat Uno for instance defogging function to heat windshield. It only requires 3 min’s of activation and will be deactivated automatically after time elapses.

The model can have in a number of versions. One of those is pseudo-SUV. Indicatively, the 2011 Fiat Uno price are available at 8.000 €. While the latest Uno super mini has been unveiled in South American market place, the first place to be available for sale is Brazil market. This model is made in 3.770 m long, 16.43 mm wide and 1.490 mm high. The length of wheelbase is 2.370 mm with 280 liters cargo capacity. If customers or buyers are looking for the mini car with all the concept of singularity and uniqueness, then Numero Uno may be the 2011 Fiat Uno.

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2011 Fiat Uno pictures

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