2011 Lotus Elise

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2011 Lotus Elise pictures

Lotus Elise 2011 is a famous sport car among fast driver. As expected from sport car, 2011 Lotus Elise offers great design and speed. It is stated that 2011 Lotus Elise speed is up to 124 mph with 134 horse power. The sprint time from 0-60 mph is only 6 seconds, fast enough in this class. 2011 Lotus Elise mpg rate are varied. One of 2011 Lotus Elise review said that it is rated 46.3 mpg in United Kingdom and 38.6 in United States. Another wrote this car is rated 46.7 mpg.

In exterior and interior, there are only little changes with Lotus Elise 2011. It is the same with the development of this car in 10 years. The new Lotus Elise is different from the previous model in engine factor and a little modification on the exterior design. This sport car is built with 1.6 Liter engine from Toyota. This affects the efficiency of energy usage up to 23 percent. For a distance of 100 km, this car needs 6.1 liters. In addition, 2011 Lotus Elise has 6 speed gearbox.

2011 Lotus Elise pictures

Regarding the engine, one thing is different from the old Lotus Elise. 2011 Lotus Elise reduces the number of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. It is because less gasoline were used using this 1.6 Liter engine. Lotus stated that Lotus Elise 2011 will emit approximately 149 g CO2 per kilometers. So even though this car can never be a hybrid, at least it shows that it cares with environment. Yet, this engine does not make the performance of 2011 Lotus Elise worse. It even increases the performance of Lotus Elise 2011.

For exterior, there is a face lifted operation. It changes especially the front part of Lotus Elise 2011. The hood is redesigned and also the bumper. One thing for sure, this new Lotus Elise comes with new LED headlights which boost its turbo appearance. The modification of its body also increases the aerodynamic of this car. Since it is sport car, the aspect of safety is important to consider. 2011 Lotus Elise itself provides standard airbag and brake. It also provides track tuned ABS system for emergency, front, and rear crash protection to protect the drivers from any accidents. With these armors, drivers surely feel safer.

2011 Lotus Elise price is set at 26,550 GBP in United Kingdom. It is a standard price for a long tested car like Lotus Elise 2011.

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2011 Lotus Elise pictures

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