2011 Mini Countryman

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2011 Mini Countryman pictures

Mini Countryman 2011 will be marketed widely in US on January 2011. The crossover SUV is the first vehicle model of Mini in such type. Even the car hasn’t been marketed widely; many reviewers have known the features and recommended it much for those who plan to buy a new crossover sport utility vehicle. The 2011 Countryman will become a quite eye catchy car for the nice design. The classic concept that is completed by modern features will make it more special and becomes a cool car.

As many sources of 2011 Mini Countryman review, the car will become a model of vehicle in year 2011 next. The car has four doors; the first Mini vehicle model that has four doors. The car will also be featured by all wheel drive (AWD); it is for minimal off road and the using of rugged terrain. Mini Countryman 2011 will have more cargo and passenger space so that you can bring more family members inside in the more spacious Mini.

2011 Mini Countryman pictures

The 2011 Mini Countryman mpg is one of the vehicle products that will show some new looks of vehicle; unlike other Mini vehicles that were produced before. The engine of the Mini Countryman 2011 is the 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine. It will produce 121 horsepower. The engine will work with six speeds manual transmission. The automatic transmission is also available in manual control too. For those that need more powers; the 2011 Countryman engine can be completed by turbo chargers that will improve the power until 181 horsepower.

Get interesting at the vehicle will certainly also make you need to know the 2011 Mini Countryman price so that you can know whether you have sufficient budget. About how much you should prepare the money to buy the car; it starts from $22,350; a quite reasonable price to own the stylish of Mini Countryman 2011. The price may be different in each dealer that is why you need to compare the price by finding some quotes.

The color of the vehicle can also determine whether the car will be cool. For the exterior, the 2011 Countryman will come in black and white colors. The color may become a very standard color so that the car will be suitable both for man and woman. About the interior, Mini Countryman 2011 has similar interior specs with Cooper and Clubman. However, the 2011 Mini Countryman colors for the interior are optional so that you can customize based on your favorite colors.

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2011 Mini Countryman pictures

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