2010 Pontiac g6 Convertible

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Pontiac g6 Convertible

There are plenty of automotive manufacturers have been established to produce various cars and trucks to cover all public transportation needs. One of the most famous types of car ever produced is the 2010 Pontiac g6 Convertible. This type of car has modern look and is good for anyone to increase their self confidence when they would like to appear in public using their car. The 2010 Pontiac g6 Convertible is manufactured by the US auto manufacture General Motors. This Pontiac g6 exterior is the blending of sporty and elegance because it arrives with easy and minimalist that causes this car looks more classy compared to others. Apart from the 2010 Pontiac g6 Convertible lets you enjoy the breeze of summer time while gliding on the highway.

Just as its outside look the 2010 Pontiac g6 Convertible has also great interior property. The Pontiac g6 interior features the luxurious leather seats that are very comfortable for both driver and passenger, a remote vehicle starter allowing you to turn on the engine far away. It can help you to recognize your car when it’s parked in crowded parking area. 2010 Pontiac Convertible is also offered in two engine choices you may choose the Pontiac g6 engine that has 217 horsepower which comes from a 3.5 liter V6 or the one that has 222 horse power with 3.9 liter V6.

2009 Pontiac g6 Convertible Interior

2010 Pontiac g6 Convertible offers full protections for the drivers as well the passengers since this car is also well equipped with air bags. The impact air bags can be found at front in addition to each side of Pontiac g6 interior to protect all occupants in the car from any possible vehicle crashes at any sides. In addition Pontiac g6 also features the Stability Trak Dynamic Control System to permit you having more full control over the vehicle. This feature is essential especially for everyone who travel a lot to stay away from crashes since it’s in a position to determine when the car goes too fast exceeding the limits. This feature reduces the engine powers so the car would go slightly slower enabling you to stay away from any possible accidents. One other Pontiac g6 safety feature supplied us the theft-deterrent audio systems which is quite crucial to keep the car secure from any possible car thefts.

Pontiac g6 Convertible 2009

Other further features provided by the 2010 Pontiac g6 Convertible is the upgraded and trendy wheels along with dual exhaust system. These further features will be able to make the Pontiac seems far more elegant and sportier. Compare to different vehicles which have similar features and specs Pontiac g6 price is possibly slightly cheaper since it is sold at around $21, 275. With all such great features and engine performance offered perhaps the price is certainly worth it. When you need to get one perhaps it is needed to find some information online. With the internet technology it is not solely simple to search the product specs but also to check the prices too.

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Pontiac g6 Convertible Picture

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