2010 Seat Leon Cupra R

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2010 Seat Leon Cupra R pictures

2010 Seat Leon Cupra R is indeed a powerful car. It is a Spanish car that manufactured by Seat Leon. It is a group of Volkswagen. Seat Leon has so far received two awards. Both of them are from Portugal in 2001 and 2007. In 2007, the award title for Seat Leon was the most satisfactory car. Originally, Seat Leon was focused on small family car. but eventually it comes to a small car with powerful look. One of the examples is 2010 Seat Leon Cupra R.

According to 2010 Seat Leon Cupra R review, this car is powerful due to its also powerful engine, 265 horsepower 2.0 TSI. It is benefited from the advance technology of direct fuel injection which makes this car faster from others in the same class. However, it is still fulfill the demand of EU5. It can be driven at most at 250 km/h. It does not mean this car lacks of efficiency since for 100 km, it spend only 8.72 liters. 2010 Seat Leon Cupra has inter-cooler system to keep engine from overheated.

2010 Seat Leon Cupra R pictures

Still about the exterior, 2010 Seat Leon Cupra R really brings the presence of Volkswagen with its strong look and shape. It is also distinctive by the ‘R’ trademark on the front part of the car. not only great exterior, 2010 Seat Leon Cupra R have a remarkable similarities interior with the interior of a sport car. This is because the colour inside was dominated by black and silver. The same sporty atmosphere were felt by the the style seats, steering wheel, and other parts in the car. And of course, there is also a sign of R inside this car, near speedometer dial. Another feature sport-car like is the machine sound that can be heard by the drivers. It is of course different from other city car in the same class. It is also guided with navigation for parking. So that the car sense obstacles, a driver will hear a sound. The driver can also see the back of the car when parking through visual aid.

2010 Seat Leon Cupra R guarantees drivers safety by its equipment. There are 8 airbag in the car so that when accidents happen, drivers and passengers have lower risks of being hurt. Being in a powerful, protected car, 2010 Seat Leon Cupra R price is set at 25,205 pound sterling. There will be no regret buying 2010 Seat Leon Cupra R as it is every drivers dream.

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2010 Seat Leon Cupra R pictures

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