2011 Skoda Fabia vRS

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2011 Skoda Fabia vRS pictures

2011 Skoda Fabia vRS is city car suitable for single people or small family. It is a sport sedan which is the fastest product from Fabia manufacturer. With 132 kW and 7 speed gearbox, It can accelerate the speed from 0 to 62 mph in only 7.3 seconds. It has sport’s car equipment like ABS, ESP, and TCS in case of emergency. It makes this car more reliable to drive. The new Fabia vRS 2011 remap from the previous RS model.

The fuel efficiency is 45.6 mpg in UK measuring standard and probably lower in US measuring standard. 2011 Skoda Fabia vRS is available in both hatch and estate version. Due to its design and engine, the new Fabia vRS 2011 has very dynamic performance. It is designed specially for people who live in a city which usually crowded. It is also environment friendly. It emits only 148 g of CO2 per kilometer.

2011 Skoda Fabia vRS pictures

In exterior design, 2011 Skoda Fabia vRS is simple. The special features are 17 inch wheel and integrated fog lamp and LED lights. Fog lamps here help the drivers to see through fog especially at night and thus protect the safety of the drivers. Costumer can customize contrast color for roof and wheels with several colors like red, black, and silver. It will of course cost more. In the interior, the new Fabia vRS 2011 is attached with sporty leather seats and steering wheel with remote control. The entertainment sets inside include eight speakers and multimedia for iPod and mp3 player.

2011 Skoda Fabia vRS really optimized the safety of the car. Other than fog lamps and safety system, there are also Hill Hold Control and Tyre Pressure Monitor. The break and gas pedal was made of anti slip surface for convenient and comfortable driving experience. There are of course sets of front airbags, side and passenger airbags. So it guarantees the safety of all people in the car. The last but not least, to prevent criminal act, this car is equipped with tilt sensor alarm.

2011 Skoda Fabia vRS and 2011 Skoda Fabia vRS estate are offered on a little bit different prices. While 2011 Skoda Fabia vRS price is 15,700 pound sterling, 2011 Skoda Fabia vRS estate version is set at 16,495 pound sterling. For a sport car and powerful ones, both versions of the new Fabia vRS 2011 are really should be put on a list of “must buy” list.

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2011 Skoda Fabia vRS pictures


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