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Toyota iQ 2009 pictures

Toyota iQ 2009. Since the concept version appeared in 2007 in Frankfurt car show, Toyota iQ 2009 continue to harass curiosity many people. How small this car may be able to accommodate 4 people? How reliability engines? What is quite comfortable in the cabin? How is security level? What happens when the small car frontal collision? And more of doubt that arises in the mind. But now all doubts and questions one by one began to have missed.

Toyota iQ 2009 is prepared by Toyota for European and Japanese markets. iQ will be a pledge by Toyota as a car city (city car) a powerful, economical, and user friendly with the environment. With increasingly dense traffic in the city, the presence of the car, of course, be very interesting. This is the smallest Car in the world that can accomodate four people. This is the Japanese answer to the Fiat 500, Smart ForTwo and the Volkswagen Up

Toyota iQ 2009 design considered to be very interesting by many observers. Toyota calls its own design of the car style “tecno organic”. The mathematical analysis is used in order to obtain the form of a naturally beautiful, lines body geometry precision to obtain the emission inner beauty.

Although the micro-sized, Toyota iQ 2009 has nine airbags including knee airbag for the driver. Also, the airbag is embedded in the chair, under the passenger thigh to prevent them from drop their seat belt on frontal impact and curtain airbag for rear passengers. Although small in size, the observer can estimate the iQ gets five stars in EuroNCAP crash test (European New Car Assessment Program.

Toyota iQ 2009 pictures

In Europe, Toyota iQ 2009 comes with a choice of three engines 1.0 liter 5-cylinder with transmission MT, or 1.4 liter diesel 4-cylinder turbo with 6 MT. Mid 2009, followed by the three variants 1.3 liter 4-cylinder with VVT-i is paired with a 6 MT transmission or CVT. While in Japan will get a 1.0 liter variants of 3-cylinder paired with a CVT. Matter of price, in the UK offered a 10 thousand Pounds Sterling.

From the results of the testing that was done several European media, Toyota iQ 2009 is very stable. When tested in France, when preceded truck or bus, car stability remain steady. Tests on the 1.0 liter engine version CVT shows that the vibration machine is very smooth, responsive CVT, but a little noisy. Speed according to the size of engines, more than 14 seconds to reach 100 km / hour. CVT is equipped with eco mode, the driver put the transmission in the rod position, the machine with its own work on the road outside the city. CVT transmission gear shift takes place with the smooth.

Dimensional micro Toyota iQ 2009 does not mean narrow cabin. Pre-production version of which is recognized in the trial felt roomy, even for people Caucasian size. The distance between the eyes across the top of the dashboard to the windshield, which is relatively long, roomy impression. And quality of interior materials used is very good, especially the center console.

Toyota iQ 2009 pictures

Toyota iQ 2009 has a very comfortable chair with a wrapping cloth or in combination with the skin. Because the asymmetric dashboard, front seat passengers can be driven forward. So, passengers still get a seat behind the field. Of course, more space behind the driver and the usual narrow to be used for small children or shopping goods.

There is no reason for doubting the status of Toyota iQ 2009 as one of the most thrifty vehicle fuel. Small car that Toyota marketed globally is able to roam far claimed 745 km with only 32 liters of gasoline. In other words, the iQ fuel consume an average of 23 km / liter. But not this time that the results be broken by iQ own. At the test event titled Hypermiling Challenge, car motorized 1.0-liter VVT-I was able to crawl this far 811 km.

Toyota iQ gets a new title just as Japan Car of the Year (COTY) 2008. City car made in Toyota Motor Corp. is winning on the Citroen C5, Audi A4, even with Jaguar XF. The jury that upset with the ability iQ. Especially when witnessing the use of fuel and design. Despite only measuring the length of not more than three meters, iQ can carry four passengers. In addition, the small car is also meet the standards of safety and low CO2 emissions.

View the 2009 Toyota iQ pictures

Toyota iQ 2009 pictures

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