2010 Volkswagen GTD

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2010 Volkswagen GTD pictures

The 2010 Volkswagen GTD is one other version of the Volkswagen GTI. The great part from the manufacture of this Volkswagen GTD car is the fact that it has got a marked improvement on the diesel technology. Actually, the 1st generation of Vw GTD had been produced by Volkswagen in 1982. At that time, this vehicle already had some good equipment, such like vertical fog lights, specific front bumpers, plus rear diffuser. And that kind of styling was becoming the platform for Volkswagen to build the Volkswagen GTI car model.

The Volkswagen GTD diesel car features a better turbo diesel engine, which can be 168 hp with 260 lb-ft of torque, plus the EPA fuel economy is 29-31 miles per gallon for city usage and 41-43 miles per gallon for highway usage. Additionally , it has front engine, front wheel drive, 6-speed manual gearbox, and 14.6-gallon fuel tank. The new Vw GTD is stronger compared to old type since it can accelerate to 138 miles per hour and it has more 30 hp. According to the test cycle which being taken by the European Union, this Volkswagen GTD USA can get 44.4 miles per gallon.

2010 Volkswagen GTD pictures

A few of its wonderful features are new wheel design, new interior design using the silver-colored accents, air conditioning with automatic control for climate, a lot better sound system, plus ultrasonic parking sensors that will help you. This type of car will come in gray tailored interior and chrome exterior accents color. When you notice the outside, then you can certainly believe this vehicle carries a very sporty looking. This hatchback car offers 5 passenger seats for you. Many individuals stated that there’s a unique sensation if you drive this new GTD car in comparison to other gasoline-powered vehicles. Although you have to adapt your driving style, no matter at all, as you will receive a smooth and quiet engine.

The price is just about $ 25.500. Volkswagen GTD review pointed out this car is one step ahead from the past model, but sad to say it isn’t as great as what folks hope it is. Despite of the cons that this Vw GTD probably have, the selling number for this car continues to be increasing and even more powerful. You’ll take pleasure in all the benefits and advantages from this car. The great hatchback performance, trim materials, high construction quality, and ergonomics elements increase the risk for 2010 Volkswagen GTD become one of many vehicle that very worth to get.

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2010 Volkswagen GTD pictures

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