2009 Nissan X Trail Diesel

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Nissan X Trail Diesel

New Nissan X Trail Diesel. Nissan X Trail 20GT is the latest variant of Nissan X Trail diesel engine, which claimed the friendly environment. This variant has been released to the market on 18 September ago all over the world.

Nissan X Trail 20GT has meet Japanese emission standards are strict, ‘Post New Long-term Regulations’, the first vehiclein the world that meet this standard. In addition to environment-friendly, Nissan X Trail 20GT also very economical fuel because for one liter of diesel enough for a distance of 15.2 kilometers, or 30% more economical than the gasoline engine version 2.500cc although the same energy that is produced.

Operationally, the diesel engine ‘M9R’ that used in the new Nissan X Trail 20GT, clearly more economical because the price difference between gasoline and diesel fuel is significant.Although applying diesel engine with a capacity smaller than that of the gasoline engine 2.500cc, but not presumed to consume a diesel car is less energy than his brother who consume gasoline. 2.0 liter engine M9R have the energy equivalent of gasoline V6 engine 3.500cc, which can generate maximum power 127kW (173PS) / 3750rpm and maximum Torque 360N m (36.7kgf m) / 2000rpm.

Nissan X Trail Interior

M9R engine produces high Torque lap in the low engine performance and provide a ‘vicious’ in various driving conditions. But the most interesting, in addition to more economical, M9R engine produces a lower rate of CO2 compared with the V6 engine 5.500cc. Also, do not imagine will hear the engine noise in the cabin new Nissan X Trail 20GT, because these sophisticated machines give voice so soft and silent and vibration free to consume diesel engine.

So what secret M9R engine is so finely virtually without vibration? The trick is the amount of new technology capable of reducing emissions, noise and vibration. A number of technology subtrahend emissions is the Common Railway system, EGR cooler, Diesel particulate filter(DPF), Lean NOx Trap catalysts (LNT) and Double swirl port.

2009 X Trail Diesel

While the device improve the vibration and noise include the Piezo injector, Balancer shaft, Highly Rigid chassis, Highly Rigid Engine Mounting brackets, and sound insulation glass. Besides style, the new Nissan X Trail 20GT also offers control and the steady driving.

From the front, the difference is the colorful design that the design gril back to the X-Trail versions of Europe. Cool again, the new Nissan X Trail 20GT is coated paint anti-abrasion, which is offered in six colors. Unique, this paint can improve small scratches on the paint surface itself.

See the interior, the luxury feel with a number of new features, including step Lamp and Intelligent Key. New Nissan X Trail 20GT give 2 choices transmission is the ALL MODE 4×4i and the manual with 5 speeds.

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Nissan XTrail Pictures

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