BMW 7 Series 2009 – The Super Luxury Sedan

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BMW 7 Series 2009. There are two variants fifth generation 7 Series that issued by BMW this time. First, the BMW 750 Li is the turbocharger V8 engine with a capacity of 4400 cc maximum of 407 horsepower, with 5500 rpm and maximum torque 600 Nm at 1,750 rpm. BMW 750Li able to reach race speed 100 km / hour in just 5.3 seconds. Top speed is limited to 250 km / hour. Cars consume 11.4 liters per 100 kilometers, and issued only 266 grams of waste gas carbon dioxide (CO2) for each kilometer.

The other is the BMW 740 Li with 6-cylinder engine, the combination of the twin turbo technology and high Precision injection, the technologies that increase the power engine of 3000 cc is up to 326 horsepower at 5800 rpm and maximum torque 450 Nm at 1,500 rpm. With a variety of specifications, the machine is able to go to reach the speed 100 km / hour in just 5.9 seconds later, with the highest speed limit on 250 km / hour.


High Precision Injection, which is working on this machine to ensure the fuel consumption of the most efficient and the waste gas fuel consumption average engine is 9.9 liters for 100 kilometers through the waste gas carbon dioxide (CO2) average only 235 grams per kilometer. This machine is now producing 20 hp more power with high fuel efficiency 12% compared with the earlier engine. Both engines BMW 7 Series 2009 has been to meet the standard.

From the exterior design of the latest BMW 7 Series 2009 has a natural form, it looks sporty elegance with the perfect. Looks sporty impression that has become characteristic of BMW cars with the elegance that so perfect. Kidney grill a kidney-shaped, BMW symbols appear in size, strengthen the authority of car. Water intake is also wider and lower, combined with the chrome, making the car appear strong and stable.

bmw-750li-2009 This car has a light pair of bi-xenon front in size and designed with style. Corona ring also functions as a light in the afternoon, be in line with the top of the second main. Sein lamp consists of eight units of LED lights.

Both BMW 7 seriesĀ 2009 are useĀ 20-inch light alloy rim and 19-inch light alloy. Both models are also equipped with run-flat tires safety that allows the car remains in the race despite tires circumstances even without air pressure.

Interior BMW 7 Series 2009 is the latest blend material choice and the perfect execution by skilled hands and have a high taste. Instrument panel coated with a soft skin of high quality. A pair of seats for the driver and passengers in front of the very comfortable, equipped with an electrical device with the memory and lumbar support.


This car has a roof that can be opened, the interior make the BMW 7 Series feels more spacious and bright. Interior BMW 7 Series 2009 has a multimedia system and the best entertainment. DVD available for the six-CD changer, two USB audio interface, TV, tools and preparation for a phone with Bluetooth technology.

Most sophisticated technology of the BMW 7 Series 2009 is a feature of the world’s first Integral Active Steering to improve stability and comfort of driving. Integral Active Steering wheel system is the most intelligent car ever before. This set the corner of the steering wheel in both the front and in back. The car feels longer and more stable when on the go high speed. At speeds above 80 km / hour, the wheels can move to the back corner of the turn-three degrees more in the direction winding front wheels.

These conditions increase the stability and safety in various field, for example, when a car moving in the lane freeway. Passengers in the rear seat still enjoy driving sensation, and at the same time drivers also feel as if the car go up in the virtual rail.

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