Ferrari California GT – Test Drive by Schumi

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Ferrari California GT. Schumi directly involved in the development of the project other than California requested the car go that promote the V8 engines is also asked to provide input to the Ferrari California appear perfect.

Tests done in the Fiorano circuit, Italy. In the pilot, the Schumi takes only 4 seconds to accelerates from 0-100 km per hour with the same tests conducted before the Ferrari technicians.

According to California between Schumi and Ferrari 430 Scuderia is very different, although both offer a pleasant drive. “If the 430 Scuderia more condensed with the elements of sport and rely on the performance of the Ferrari California led to more grand touring, with a comfortable interior design and be steered around in various road conditions,” said Schumi after the trial session, yesterday.

After that, Schumacher was invited to attend the meeting with the dealership, which took place in Maranello. Before the dealership, he explains the difference between the Ferrari 430 California with the Scuderia, the same experience with the V8 engine. “Both are designed for different purposes. Ferrari 430 Scuderia, for they produced a truly want to feel the ability of the Ferrari engine. While California is designed for the use of day-to-day or weekend to enjoy the atmosphere. ”

California relies on the Ferrari engine behind the front wheel axis to distribute the energy to storm through the rear wheel of a double-clutch manual transmission seven acceleration.

The body is made of aluminum with a hard top roof, which only takes 14 seconds to open or close. Speed roof collapse overcome this folding roof Pontiac G6 or VW Eos, which takes about 30 seconds.

Moreover, Ferrari California GT cargo space that is larger 9.2 cubic feet. California is the extent of cargo space overcome baggage Volvo C70 sized 3.2 cubic feet. In addition, if the ceiling be returned to its original position, the baggage of California to be 12.7 cubic feet and make this model as the Ferrari car with the most baggage capacity.

Ferrari California GT spends an average of 1 gallon (4 liters) for the distance of 32 km if run on the road and freeway. This machine also includes the most environmentally friendly engine with CO2 emissions record only 310g per km.

Some of the environment has been achieved California. Car production origin of Italy’s Monza, has a ceramic disc brakes as standard, and control traction systems control that developed in the F430 jet owned land F1 Ferrari.

So far there has been no confirmation about the price of your new Ferrari this. Sources in California suggests that Ferrari will not be much different with the price of basic F430 Scuderia.

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