All New Honda City Test Drive – Use Paddle shifts Will Be More Aggressive

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New Honda City

Honda City Car. Honda invited a number of automotive  journalists  to test drive the All New Honda City, which recently launched early last November. This event took place Saturday (20/12), took the start at page of the central office of HPM in Sunter, North Jakarta, the President opened this HPM Director yukihiro Aoshima.

Before the start flag flap he said: “All New City sedan is the best in class. To see for, give us the opportunity to you (journalists) to try all the benefits of this small city car, including one hundred and enjoy the features of this revolutionary sedan. ”

Test drive was divided groups, each All New City filled with the two journalists to travel as far as 160 km route from Jakarta to Bogor and finished at the Water Bomb on Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta.

This event was very unique because Honda set a test drive with a game similar to the rally tour. The journalists were not only given the opportunity to go the performance, but also must filled out a questionnaire about the features of the All New Honda City Car and found items that had been determined to get a route that would be taken next.

Removed from the Plaza FX, All New City was directed towards Toll entrance to the Jagorawi. In the middle of the rain and dense traffic, the Smart Drive colleagues who were in the back wheel acknowledge performance sedan plant i-VTEC 1.5-liter was, indeed extraordinary.

Honda City Interior

“Wow! This car compared to the its rival, Toyota Vios, Suzuki Baleno Neo, and the Chevrolet Kalos, All New Honda City Car is much more fun. Unfortunately, the price for the top variants Reclining Seat automatic transmission, offered $ 22,608 is quite expensive, “said SmartDrive.

A journalist sitting beside the driver also felt the severity performance ALL New City. With maximum power 120 hp,  car assembled Thailand,  played so skilled and sophisticated in the lap top and bottom of the machine. Especially when the paddle shift transmission similar F1 behind the wheel All New City activated.

With the manual switching gear style, the All Torque New City with a volume of 145 Nm felt more aggressive. Passing in the middle of the density of traffic on the Jagorawi toll feels pleasant, especially the small cortege car HPM was another mainstay romp that other drivers were forced to concede defeat.

This capacity for the full rudder movement followed All New Honda City Car accurate and lightweight, but still ‘a’. In addition, the low ground clearance plus the tapering body aerodynamics, All New City does not give effect confused about when took maneuver.

All New Honda City

In the test drive, the All New City speeds up to 180 km/hour. Of course, the speed could still be developed if the traffic allows. However, the most ideal speed All New City, the most comfortable and secure around 100 km per hour. Moreover, with the support of features ABS (Anti lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and BA (Brake Assist), plus comprehensive crash test in Real World Crash Test Facility Honda in Tochigi Japan.

Although the aggressive driving style that made nearly all the participants test drive, All New City spent fuel was only an average of 13.5 km/liter to 15, with 5 liters of routes throughout the approximately 160 km.

“We want to show the fuel consumption of real All New Honda City Car. Driving style here reflects the style of driving the average driver in Jakarta. I believe that the value of the participants noted that this day is a number that can be best, “said Marketing & After Sales Service Director Jonfis Fandi.

Available in 6 attractive colors, namely Read Habanero Pearl, New Deep Lapis Blue Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic, Bold Beige Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl.

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