Nissan XTrail 2.0 XTronic – Leisure SUVs With the Two No’s

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Nissan XTrail XTronic

Nissan XTrail 2.0 XTronic. If you plan to buy  Nissan XTrail, I suggest you to be patient for a moment. Wait until the end of January! because Nissan Motor Co.. plans to release it’s new XTrail variants with new technology and, off course, with new prices, although economic conditions are not conducive. The newest XTrail variants will be enhanced with CVT Xtronic (Continuous Variable Transmission). This technology will keep it’s optimum power on every kind of road conditions. Unfortunately, you have to pay more for this.

Nissan XTrail Interior

Last year Nissan Motor Co.. recently introduced the All New Nissan XTrail with a 2.0 liter engine in the arena of the 16th Thailand International Motor Show. In the arena of the largest automotive exhibition, Nissan will also introduce two models of motorized 2.5 liters, the All New Nissan XTrail 2.5L CVT St. and All New Nissan 2.5L CVT XT.

The difference with the old model, the Nissan XTrail 2.0L new features the latest technology. One is the use of the automatic transmission technology with XTronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), the same as the Nissan 2.5L.

However, before moving parts to the market, Nissan will invite a number of journalists feel otmotif first hand experiance driving point in Subang, Kanpur and Linggarjati in Indonesia.

View the 2009 Nissan XTrail pictures

Nissan XTrail Pictures

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